Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.
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ART-AiDE makes it possible to generate a permanent electronic and graphical record of a patient's antiretroviral treatment (ARV) history, plasma HIV-1 RNA levels, CD4 counts, and (when available) genotypic resistance data.

Submitted data can be reviewed and the underlying XML file can be saved on the Graphical Summary page. The XML file allows you to update a patient's profile and graphical summary without having to re-enter data. Save your work frequently because your entries are not stored on our servers after you exit ART-AiDE.

eCARE (electronic Clinical Antiretroviral Resistance Estimator) is designed to match submitted ARV data with sequences in the Stanford HIV Drug Resistance Database obtained from persons receiving the same ARVs. eCARE is in an early stage of development and is provided at this stage solely for obtaining user feedback. A detailed description of eCARE and Help completing forms can be found here or [Help Info] on every ART-AiDE page.

Please report any difficulties using ART-AiDE or desired features to us.

Click on this link for more information on the Version 1.1 changes

You can start ART-AiDE with new patient data or with patient data saved previously as a XML file. For a new patient, 'Record ID' is optional. However, if you plan to print the graphical output or to save the XML for future analyses, then it will be useful to enter a unique 'Record ID'.

Start ART-AiDE for New Patient

Enter a name or ID for this patients record, or leave blank if not saving the data.
Record ID

Load Saved File

Browse for the previously saved XML patient record from your computer, then click the "Load" button.

Start from an Example Case

Select a sample case to load from our server, then click load below:

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