Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.
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ART-AiDE version 1.1 changes (Oct. 2008)

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Performance enhancements

HIVdb Interpretation
Drug name changes
  • TMC125 is now ETR
  • MK0518 is now RAL
  • GS9137 is now EVG
  • Note: Drug names in XML saved with the previous version of ART-AiDE will be changed to these new names.
Tighter validation of XML
  • A different XML validator is now being used. Manually modified XML may no longer pass validation.
XML schema changes
  • The element 'schemaVersion' has been added as a child to the 'root' element. This will be used to indentify the schema version that an ART-AiDE XML uses.
  • The patient.notes element has been modified with minOccurs="0".
  • The 'replication' element has been added as a child to the 'hivIsolates' element. It has 3 child elements ('replicationCapacity', 'rangeLow' and 'rangeHigh') and 2 attributes.
  • Two additional attributes, 'externalID' and 'accessControl' have been added to the 'hivIsolates' element. This is reserved for future use.
  • The 'cloneName' and 'nucleotideSequence' elements have been modified with nillable="true".
  • The 'passage' element, which was previously a Yes/No enumeration, is now a string element.
  • The 'CD4Measurements'.'indCD4Measurement'.'count' element now has type="xsd:nonNegativeInteger" (previously it was "xsd:positiveInteger").
Upgrading previously stored XML files
If you are loading an XML file saved with the previous version of ART-AiDE, it is recommended that you save the XML file again so that it will be upgraded to the new version of ART-AiDE. If you have a large number of previously saved XML files that you would like to upgrade to the current version of ART-AiDE or are having problems loading a previously saved XML file, please email ART-AiDE XML upgrade.